AEG Fridge Freezers

AEG fridge freezers include some of the best and most reliable models of fridge freezer in the UK. When considering purchasing a new fridge freezer it's a good idea to compare different stores and prices before you go ahead and make purchase.

  • Touch control
  • A+ Energy Rating
  • Anti Defrosting
  • Variable Temperature Drawer

Being a part of the Electrolux group has meant the AEG brand has been strategically developed as the Electrolux German premium brand, focusing on quality-oriented consumers.

Best Models

The S95400XNM0 fridge freezer model from the PerfektFit Freestanding AEG range looks great with a contemporary stainless steel finish. This is a side-by-side type fridge freezer measuring 109cm in width, this extra size means you can can store more food which means less shopping trips.

The S96090XVM1 fridge freezer model is also a stainless steel design but is slightly smaller at 91.2cm in width, but still a side-by-side freestanding fridge freezer, but this model also features easy to use touch control and A+ energy efficiency with automatic defrosting of the cooling and freezer compartments plus a variable temperature drawer with 3 settings.

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A History of AEG

AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft - which is German for "General electricity company") was founded in 1883 in Berlin but became part of Daimler-Benz in 1996. Then in in 2005 Electrolux obtained the rights to the AEG brand name which it uses on some of its products. In addition the AEG name is also licensed to other brand partners under the Electrolux Global Brand Licensing programme.

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    Always check multiple stores and compare prices.

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    Many retailers have sales on at certain times of the year so if you can, plan your purchases around them.

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