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Buying a Dining Table

When it comes to buying a new dining table there are a few things you should take into account.

  • Buy New or Second Hand
  • Use a Finance Option: Pay Weekly, Monthly or Pay Later
  • Make Use of Sales & Discounts
  • Specs: Size, Shape, Material

Dining tables provide much more than just somewhere to eat, they are also places for kids to do homework and for families to socialise. The dining area in most homes is a big part of everyday life and there are lot of ways to furnish this space effectively.

A dining table is one of those essential pieces of furniture in modern homes which makes life that little bit better. All you need to do is pick the best table, chairs and accessory dining room furniture to suit you.

Ready to Start Shopping for a Dining Table?

Dining Tables on Finance

Buying a new dining table set can be really expensive, fortunately you can buy dining room furniture on finance using a buy now pay later payment plan from home shopping catalogues, or take advantage of zero percent finance from many high street furniture stores.

The credit offered by most high street stores such as Harveys, DFS, Furniture Choice, Furniture Village and Homebase are usually the cheapest credit option, however you do need an almost perfect credit record.

For those with fair but less than perfect credit scores, the best options are online shopping catalogues such as Littlewoods and Very. The more expensive credit options seem to be reserved for those with bad credit or no credit history. Whilst there may be a higher chance of getting accepted with these higher interest rate stores, there is never a guarantee of getting accepted.

You should also check the terms and conditions so that you understand exactly how much you'll be owing as you may find the overall cost is alot higher than you thought.

Credit provided is subject to the customer successfully passing the credit and affordability checks.

  • Spread the Cost of the Dining Table
  • Get the Dining Table right away
  • Some stores let you pay nothing for 6 months
  • Interest Rates & Deposits
  • Must Buy New rather than Second Hand
  • Could negatively affect credit rating if payments are missed

Things to Consider

Furniture is expensive, so as with all other major purchases, it pays to shop around and compare prices. However you will often find it difficult to compare like for like, as many stores offer their own exclusive furniture which is not found elsewhere.

In addition the cost of credit can vary enormously, so if you are not a cash buyer then it's best to compare by the total cost of purchase, which is the sum of all the repayments over the credit term, rather than the retail price offered.

Another way to get the best deal is to wait for the sales or when a discount/voucher code becomes active. Many companies have sales at certain times of year, like just after New Years and Springtime.

When shopping for dining room furniture sets, ensure you get a table big enough to seat your family, but not too big for the space you have available! There are many different materials used for dining tables today, although wood is still the most common, glass is popular too, simply choose to match the look and feel of your dining room.

Plus do you prefer a round or rectangular table? Again the answer will likely depend on how many you normally sit at the table, and the space you have available.

Finding a cheap dining set isn't too difficult with many stores offering budget options. However, finding a high quality, good looking dining table for a low price is difficult. One easy solution is to buy a second hand dining table from online sites like Ebay or Preloved. Many used dining tables are still in good condition and with a bit of hard work can be made to look like new.


Before choosing a dining table you should know what size of table you want. There are of course a large range of options from 2 seater to 12 seater, with many tables coming with a extension allowing you to switch between 2 different sizes.


Wood or metal are the obvious choices with wood having many subsections such as oak, pine, mahogany and lots more. Then there are also many different colours to choose from as well as glass or wooden surface tops.

Shape & Style

The shape and style of the table is usually the most varied factor with dozens of different styles such as round, oval, square, rectangle, chunky or thin legs, curved or straight legs, thick or thin base, and lots more! Then there's the style of chair you have to consider too such as high-backed, fabric or leather, etc.


The price of a new dining table is always the biggest factor with figures ranging from £50 to £1000. Depending on how often you plan on using your table, it might be a good idea to spend a bit more to get a longer life out of it. Cheaper dining tables don't tend to be as sturdy or long-lasting.

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