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Buying a Tumble Dryer

A tumble dryer is a great addition to any household especially in the UK with its unpredictable weather. When you're thinking about buying one there are a few things you should think about beforehand.

  • Buy New or Second Hand
  • Use a Finance Option: Pay Weekly, Monthly or Pay Later
  • Make Use of Sales & Discounts
  • Specs: Capacity, Dimensions, Energy

In warmer countries things may be different and tumble dryers are perhaps not as popular. But in the UK you can't always hang your washing out to dry due to the damp and cold weather, so getting the washing dry can be a big problem, particularly for families.

Tumble drying speeds up the entire laundry process plus it helps to leave fabrics soft and fluffy. With the weather too unpredictable to keep hanging washing outside, you can cut use a tumble dryer to reduce the time required to dry your washing.

Ready to Start Shopping for a Tumble Dryer?

Tumble Dryers on Finance

There are numerous finance options available for purchasing tumble dryers from many different stores. High street favourites like Currys and Argos both offer their own in-house credit. Argos even allow you to apply online and get a nearly instant decision.

For those with no credit history or perhaps a bad credit history, there are some home shopping catalogues that offer credit options on tumble dryers with a slightly less strict credit scoring process. However, as with any finance option, you're never guaranteed to get approved.

You also have to remember that if you are planning on taking out a credit option, double check the full payable amount to make sure you understand exactly how much you'll be paying.

Credit provided is subject to the customer successfully passing the credit and affordability checks.

  • Spread the Cost of the Tumble Dryer
  • Get the Tumble Dryer right away - buy now pay later
  • Some stores let you pay nothing for 6 months
  • Interest Rates & Deposits
  • Must Buy New rather than Second Hand
  • Could negatively affect credit rating if payments are missed

Things to Consider

If you are a cash buyer, then shopping around to compare the best prices from the high street retail stores can often reveal some bargains, plus don't forget to compare prices from online only stores too.

If you are not in a hurry, then many stores have sales at certain times throughout the year, the January sales are perhaps the best known, but often prices are dropped around March/April when new stock is introduced and the now discounted lines have to be sold off to make room.

It's also worth signing up to newsletters to keep an eye on sales and even perhaps get your hands on some discount vouchers.

Before choosing a tumble dryer there are a few things you need to consider such as what type of tumble dryer do you want, what size, capacity, energy rating and even how to buy it, finance or in cash.

Buying a second hand tumble dryer is also an option to think about as many of these used products are still in good condition and help save you a lot of money.

Tumble Dryer Dimensions

Although most tumble dryers are about the same size and have a similar load capacity, you need to measure up available space before ordering and don't forget to the access points too to make sure your new appliance will fit.

Vented vs Condenser

You will also have to choose between a vented or condenser tumble dryer. Vented machines discharge the damp air produced by the drying process outside using a plastic hose to prevent condensation. Whereas a condenser dryer separates the water from the moist air into a container which can be simply emptied after drying.


Alot of clothing simply can't go in the tumble dryer so many families can make do with a smaller capacity machine. This is something you'll need to consider before buying.

Energy Rating

Given that tumble dryers are renowned for using a lot of enerfy, one with good efficiency can save a lot of money over a year.


Price is always a significant factor when purchasing any home appliance. Luckily, a tumble dryer can be bought fairly cheaply especially if you go for a smaller capacity one or even a refurbished tumble dryer.


Given some of the horror stories you hear about washing machines and tumble dryers catching fire, an established brand with excellent customer reviews is a must. As is reading up on all the advice on how to use your tumble dryer safely.

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