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Buying a Wardrobe

Wardrobes can seem like a fairly simple purchase but there are many options to consider before buying.

  • Buy New or Second Hand
  • Use a Finance Option: Pay Weekly, Monthly or Pay Later
  • Make Use of Sales & Discounts
  • Specs: Size, Shape, Material

After the bed itself, wardrobes are probably the second most important piece of bedroom furniture, so you should choose a wardrobe carefully, take your time making a decision.

There is a huge range of styles, designs and materials to choose from, with everything from free-standing solid oak wardrobes, to budget flat pack items.

So choose wardrobes by taking into account your preferences and bedroom style, as well as your budget.

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Wardrobes on Finance

Many UK stores offer a range of finance options for wardrobes and bedroom furniture. For example DFS offer a flexible range of repayment terms from 6 months all the way up to 4 years, all totally interest free.

Oak Furnitureland also offer some fantastic finance options to spread the cost of your order, with all purchases over £500 they offer a traditional pay monthly credit option or, plus for orders over £3,500 you can get up to 3 years interest free credit.

Another popular furniture store, Bensons for Beds, offer a wide range of interest free finance options on all of their wardrobes and bedroom items.

In addition to the traditional high street stores, you also have the home shopping catalogue companies which offer flexible finance even for those with bad or poor credit, often with everything delivered to your home free of charge!

So for those of us who have a less than perfect credit rating, there are numerous catalogues that offer finance plans aimed more towards customers with bad credit or no credit history, however, there is never a guarantee of getting accepted no matter how good your credit rating.

UK home shopping catalogues also specialise in buy now pay later payment plans, where you can get the items you want today with no deposit, then pay nothing until a later pre-agreed date, usually 12 months from purchase but it can be longer on more expensive furniture items. Some also allow you to spread the cost by paying monthly or weekly after thing deferred period too.

Credit provided is subject to the customer successfully passing the credit and affordability checks.

  • Spread the Cost of a Wardrobe
  • Get the wardrobe right away
  • Some stores let you pay nothing for 6 months
  • Interest Rates & Deposits
  • Must Buy New rather than Second Hand
  • Could negatively affect credit rating if payments are missed

Things to Consider

The big furniture stores in the UK are still reeling from the credit crunch, they are all struggling to stay afloat and sell items, so right now it is a buyers market. This means it is easier to find the best and cheapest deals, staff are more receptive to haggling and the stores themselves will often shift unsold furniture at huge discounts to make room for new stock.

Of course you should still always compare prices between stores and check for any special online prices or voucher codes.

There are a number of things you should consider when buying a new wardrobe, not least the dimensions. I think we would all love as much storage space as possible, but space can be limited, particularly in bedrooms where we most often like to have wardrobes.

A walk in wardrobe would be nice but most of us simply do not have sufficient space, so compromises will have to be made. Once you have established the optimum size, you then need to consider the various styles on offer, choosing from double door wardrobes, three door, four door wardrobes, mirrored and sliding door wardrobes. Finally consider the materials and finish, for example modern high gloss finishes, traditional Oak or Pine.

When trying to find a cheap wardrobe you want to consider a second hand wardrobe. Stores such as Ebay, Preloved and Secondwow have a large range of used and refurbished furniture items to choose from, many of which are still in good condition.


The size of your wardrobe is going to be a very important factor, not just the width but also the height and depth. If you're on the short side you don't really want to be going for a 7 foot wardrobe. You also need the wardrobe to match up with any other furniture, so if you're going to be placing your wardrobe next to a chest of drawers, make sure they are of a similar depth.


Wood is of course the obvious choice here but there are many differet woods to choose from including Oak and Pine, as well as wood affects like walnut, dark and light oak, beech and lots more. There are also metal wardrobes with gloss finishes.

Shape & Style

Styling of your wardrobe is also a big factor and should really match the rest of your bedroom furniture lest it look out of place. Whilst most wardrobes are fairly standard in shape, you do have the option of going for a corner wardrobe.


The storage options within the wardrobe itself are also something to keep in mind. Most normally come with a selection of different storage options including a rail for hanging clothes, shelves and drawers. Make sure the one you choose has the storage options you need.


The price of a new wardrobe tends to be the dominant factor when choosing which one to buy. As with most products, more expensive usually means better quality but that doesn't mean you should go for the most expensive. Most brands are of a sturdy construction so it really should only come down to what you prefer in terms of appearance.

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